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                        Woman with Columns                                        Stocking                                             Amphibians

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                                Door Way                                       Fish  ( Paper Print )                                      Chest

All  images are original black and white prints on either standard photographic paper or on print making paper (paper prints).   All images are self-portraits.  The artist uses a long cord and bulb to engage the shutter.  A 6 x 7 Pentax camera is used.  Soledad only  uses natural lighting, which translates into very long exposures, often up to two minutes.  The artist can not see the image as it is being taken.

Pieces are not individually titled. captions are only description for identification purposes.  

All works are from the ongoing series:  "In The Silence".

All images are essentially one of a kind.  They are limited to an edition of 25.  Each  edition is printed separately, tone and then hand painted with oil and pastels. No two are exactly alike. 

Paper prints are printed on BFK Print Making Paper.  Photo emulsion is painted onto the paper, allowed to dry, exposed with a negative, developed, toned and then painted with pastels and oils.

Silver Prints are printed on Glossy Photographic Paper, toned and then painted with oils.

N E X T  SET