Hindiville Lamb is a local, New Mexican grown, super natural , free range lamb, raised for over 100 years by the Alex Hindi Family in Duran, New Mexico.

Our lambs are born on open pastures at an altitude of 6500 ft. and 120 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. Born in virgin country, far from noise, ground, water or air pollution, they graze exclusively on native, organic grasses and drink only pure, deep well water. There is nothing farmed or cultivated on the ranch. The lambs are free from any herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, or artificial growth hormones.

Our lambs are humanely treated in a proven, environmentally sound atmosphere. They thrive amidst the clean, fresh, New Mexico air. Raised with care and integrity for six consecutive generations, HINDIVILLE LAMB is known for it's impeccable quality.

For the first time, the HINDI RANCH is offering direct from the ranch to you, an exclusive opportunity to experience the delicate taste and gourmet quality of our tender, succulent lamb.

Order early, limited quantities available.

Our gourmet lamb is remarkably lean, tender and easily prepared. Delicate in flavor, it will be a wonderful, healthy addition to your daily menu. Delicious, lean and succulent, lamb is an excellent, very nutritious change of pace.


Special Order: Halal or Kosher processing available.

Beautifully sun bleached ram skulls available, please inquire.

Please see our order form.

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